Monday, July 26, 2010


Saturday night my family got together at the Arenas' household to celebrate Emma's birthday with her family and friends. It was a great party with great music and food.
Me and my cute cousins
Me and my hubby
my beautiful aunts
me and mom

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Since Jesse works all day everyday and I am currently unemployed, I have been forced to start writing our wedding thank you cards (a little late on the draw, I know). I feel like this job will never end and I will still be writing these things two years from now. I think I'm going a little loony sitting in this bonus room writing all day. My only saving grace is Eat, Pray, Love my new book that is a great, relaxed read. I take breaks from writing to read my novel and I finished it yesterday. . . just in time because the movie comes out August 13th.

The movie looks amazing and Julia Roberts is my all-time favorite! can't wait! I'll be in Provo when it comes out. Any takers on coming to see it with me? This drink has been my heaven on earth. I put it in the freezer for a couple of hours and then take it out and it is perfect. It becomes a smooth icy. I feel like I could be on the beach in Tahiti drinking it. Thank heavens for good books and pina colada sobes!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Most Exhausting Week of My Life!

So this past week I rode up to Utah with my mom and sister and brother. We dropped my brother back off at his apartment in Provo and took my sister to EFY at the U of U which has the most amazing campus. My mom and I spent the next three days in the car from 9-5 literally just circling Provo trying to find housing for Jesse and I in the fall. I had the realization that Provo is nothing like Rexburg. In Rexburg you can find good apartments for decent rent each month...NOT the case in Provo. There are crappy apartments for a lot of money a month. Not to mention that we were late on the draw so most of the married housing was taken. We finally found an apartment at the end of the week. It is called The Brittany which is so appropriate I think. The apartment is definitely ghetto, but I'm excited to make it our own and make memories there. I figure it will be fun to look back and tell our kids about the poor days. At the end of the week we decided to take a break from looking for housing and site see. We went to temple square and rafting down the Provo river which was so much fun. It was blazing hot there so we got sun on the raft and Travis got a good workout since he did most of the rowing.

Mom and me at Salt Lake Temple

Travis and me after the rafting adventure

P.S. on our trip down the river there were tons of waterfalls on the mountains above us, which Jesse and I are going to hike to in August when we go up to school. Can't wait! Oh and the grid system is terrible and I know I will spend a lot of my time in Provo getting lost.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Drum Roll Please!

Let's relive the big day. Great food+ gorgeous people+amazing dancing= an unforgettable night.
Lovely Elyssa caught the bouquet that her mom made (how appropriate)

Trev caught the garder

Dancing the night away

Cake faces
the dancing entrance
The beautiful and yummy cake

Classic faces of us

these are some pics of our gorgeous bridal party:
Meggy Baby
Trav Man

My Besties

Love everyone's poses in the back

My new family

all the expressions in the pic make me laugh

Jesse and our niece Jilly
My grandma was the first one to greet us outside the temple. Love her!
Coming out of the temple officially as husband and wife.
Thank you to everyone who shared our special day with us. the day couldn't have been better. There are so many more amazing wedding pictures but I had to narrow it down. Enjoy!