Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today I'm grateful for every good thing in my life, especially a supportive family, a husband who pushes me to find what makes me happy in life, but my immediate gratitude today is for answers. I"m grateful for intelligent specialists, hospitals, and modern technology. I"m grateful that I don't just have to except that we can't have children. We can get answers. We are beginning a journey this week with an amazing infertility specialist. We will be undergoing highly invasive and uncomfortable testing and put on intense fertility drugs so that hopefully in a few weeks our doctor will sit us down with answers as to why we aren't getting pregnant and then counsel us on our options and where we go from here. I"m so grateful for a highly qualified doctor and his staff that are committed to not only getting us answers, but getting us pregnant. For the first time I feel like other people are as concerned about all this as we are. It doesn't take my fears, stresses, and sorrows away, but it definitely lifts the burden slightly to know that we have a team of experts taking control of our infertility. We feel like lab rats being poked and prod, but how sweet it will be to receive ANSWERS, which in and of itself will be an answer to one of my long standing 2-year prayers. My faith has been beaten down near to nothing in the last two years, but through it all I am grateful for a God who answers prayers eventually. The only thing that keeps me enduring all this is hope. Without that my life would be empty, and we are so thrilled to finally have a renewed sense of hope with this new course we have decided to take. With it will come new financial trials, but I have learned how trivial financial situations are compared to what we are taking out our savings to get and that's a growing eternal family. I'm very full of gratitude today, which is something I continue to think will be hard to say and feel every day, but it's not. Despite all this, I am reminded each day of my blessings and if nothing else I think this awful trial has forced me to have gratitude for the simplest things that just get me through each day.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

We celebrated another successful Halloween filled with scary movies, carving pumpkins, eating lots of treats, and fun costumes. Jesse decided to dress up as the Sundrop guy from the recently popular Sundrop commercial and I went as Waldo.