Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving was my favorite by far. Mainly because we had Conley with us this year. She got to meet her aunt Paige, aunt Haley, and uncle Travis. My mom worked her butt off all week long being an amazing hostess. She threw a surprise baby shower for my cousin, then had Thanksgiving dinner at her house, and put on a bridal shower for Haley. My parents' new home is the best place to entertain. It is gorgeous and we hope they never move again. Fingers crossed. All the french doors and windows bring in this amazing natural light and everything is so neutral inside. It just has this charming, cottagey feel to it. Not to mention the cute courtyard out back and the fact that the spa gets pipin' hot. We celebrated Grandma Char and aunt Paigey's birthdays, got pedicures, went to all you can eat sushi, spent lots of nights in the spa, decorated like crazy, shopped a lot, and enjoyed lots of time with the baby.

2 Months with Conley

Our little lady is one fantastic baby and the second month with her has been just as rewarding and fun as the first. Her stats for 2 months are just barely 11 lbs. 23 1/4 in long. Doc says she is tall for her age, but lean. She's our little string bean.
-she had her 2 month shots and screamed bloody murder, but then fell asleep right after. her thighs were really sore after, but she was a trooper. I was traumatized by the experience.
-she got to meet aunt Paigey, uncle Trav, and soon-to-be aunt Haley for the first time
-she has been out to dinner many times with us, been to aunt Haley's bridal shower, a baby shower, had Grammy watch her while Paigey and I got pedicures, met Santa, had her first Thanksgiving
-she has slept through the night two more times (total of 3 times)
-she only wakes up once in the night now
-she got sick for the first time. . . a respiratory infection including stuffy nose, slight cough, goopy eye, loss of appetite, and extra sleepy
-she is still in her new born clothes on the cusp of fitting into 0-3 month clothes
-she intentionally smiles back at us (that is heaven!)
-she is starting to giggle
-she has pooped through lots of her clothes
-she is finally out of newborn diapers
-she LOVES the TV. we have to turn her head away from it. she's too young for TV 
-she is so strong and loves to stand up with our help for long periods of time. the doctor even commented on how muscular and strong she is.
-she has started sucking on her fists when she doesn't have her binky
-she has started grabbing more. when she is nursing she will grab onto my shirt and that melts me. when you hold her she will also cling onto your shirt.
-she loves music
-she loves to nap on mine and dad's chest

1 Month with Conley

Time with this babe of ours is going by quickly, but we soak up every minute with her and "oooh and ahhh" over each new milestone and phase she enters. Here are some tidbits about Conley from month 1.
-she has fuzzy ears and back
-she hates being swaddled because she loves to have her arms resting up by her head
-she's a great sleeper and only wakes up twice in the night to be fed and then goes right back to sleep
-she has already slept through the night once
-she is a light sleeper like her momma
-she has really big eyes and gets compliments on them a lot
-she loves to keep her hands balled up into fists
-she could hold her head up from day one
-she could smile from day one
-she is teeny tiny and can only fit in newborn clothes
-she loves her binky
-she is a champion breast feeder (no pain for me) which makes the experience even more glorious
-she loves the car, stroller, and my solly wrap and will fall asleep instantly when put in any of them
-she only cries (it's more of a yell/shout) when she is hungry or pooping
-she loves to be on her tummy. she will curl up chest to chest with you and pull her knees into her chest and have her bum sticking in the air. it's too die for.
-she has really long, full eyelashes like her daddy
-she grunts extremely loud when she is pooping (that wakes me up most nights)
-she has already been on many trips to Temecula to visit family, been to her first bon fire, met lots of our friends, been to dad's basketball games, been to church, the park, the beach, and she got to dress up for her first Halloween