Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter has officially hit, it's freezing, and snow is covering the ground, which we didn't have to experience last winter, but we had a feeling Utah would give us a true winter for our last one. Our life is crazy right now and our house is a complete mess. Between my work, Jesse's finals and applying to grad schools, and our infertility treatments, testing, and procedures we are barely keeping our heads afloat. We just had some more testing done yesterday and I had an IUI done, which is intrauterine insemination. We are crossing our fingers that it worked so we can have a Christmas miracle this year, but if not, life will continue to go on as we have learned and we'll keep pressing forward and fighting to get our baby. We are thrilled to get to go home for Christmas and spend the holidays in sunny California. We need a break from our lives. We are anxious to start hearing back from grad schools in the new year and begin to figure out where we will be headed next Fall. Although we feel bogged down with our infertility often we really are enjoying every minute we have together and getting to see each other in a new light through it all.