Saturday, September 14, 2013

A few weeks ago at 35 weeks pregnant I went overboard unpacking the apartment and trying to get moved in and the result was that I put myself into preterm labor. We went to the hospital and they pumped me full of liquids to relax my uterus, which ultimately ended up working. So for the next few weeks I had to take it easy on the couch to avoid going into labor, which would have been horrible timing because my parents were in Hawaii taking my little brother to school. Now I'm 38 weeks and still no baby, but we are definitely ready for her to get here now. I am so anxious to see what she looks like and to get to spend everyday learning how to be her mom. I can't believe I'm going to be a mom. Here's a sneak peak of our baby's nursery.
To try and cut major time off Jesse's commute to USC we decided to move to Huntington Beach. We found a little apartment a mile from the beach and we settled right in. It feels nice being back home in California and the weather so close to the beach is unbeatable. We are far enough from family to still have our own life and space, but close enough to see them often. We have been taking full advantage of our new location and take frequent morning and evening walks on the pier, especially now that we are just in the waiting period for baby girl to get here. Yesterday morning we grabbed some donuts down by the beach and then walked on the pier and watched the morning batch of surfers. It was foggy and misty like the beach is in the mornings and we loved it. Walking feels so good and my pregnant-lady waddle is in full effect. Needless to say it's gonna be hard to get us to ever leave this place. 
Jess started grad school a couple of weeks ago and he is loving USC and his program. I felt like a proud momma sending my baby off to the first day of school. We feel super blessed to have the opportunity to live where we do and for Jesse to attend the school that he always dreamed of going to and get even more education. There is nothing sexier than my hubby with a school bag.
The new Great Gatsby movie came out this summer and fueled and themed party for my cousin's sweet sixteen. I love any excuse for a get-together and a theme makes it all the more fun. Jesse and the life of the party that he is gladly accepted the role of the bar tender where he served Roy Rogers and Shirley Temples all night. I think he might have been born in the wrong era. I reaped the benefits of bottomless Shirley Temples from the cute bar tender all night. That's my kind of party.
My amazing aunt, cousins, and close friend threw me an ice cream themed baby shower. We had yummy dipped cones and got to make delicious ice cream sundaes. Baby girl was spoiled with so many gifts. We have been so grateful to have such supportive family and friends that have helped us get ready for the baby's arrival. They really out-did themselves with the shower decor and I had such a fun night getting to spend time with loved ones. The pictures definitely attest to what a success the night was.
Soon after we moved back home we spent a few days at the river house. It's always nice to lounge in the sun and forget all responsibilities for a bit. Being pregnant I spent most of my time floating in the water to escape the heat, eating everything in sight, and frequently napping. It was the perfect mini-vacation to recharge after the big move.
With the help of our good friends we were able to load up a moving truck and move out of our little two bedroom place in Provo back to Southern California. I never thought I'd miss Utah, but there are definitely things I do miss. Provo was the perfect home for us for the first three years of our marriage and we grew and had to face hard life trials there that really strengthened our marriage.I am one who loves change though, and continuing to progress into a new phase of our lives in a new town in a new apartment with a new baby is really appealing to me.