Friday, February 24, 2012

Wednesday was Jesse and my one year and 9 month anniversary which doesn't really count as an anniversary, but Jesse is sweet and remembers those small details. So we took a little time out of our busy schedules to get a quick bite to eat at my favorite local place, JDawgs. I could eat there everyday! The weekend is finally here and much needed after being at the school from 7am-8pm this week for parent-teacher conferences...not to mention I have a horrible sore throat/headache and lost my voice yesterday. So teaching has been interesting to say the least, but my kids are sympathetic that I lost my voice and were surprisingly well behaved. Now I am stocked with sweats, blankets, movies, medicine, orange juice, vitamins, and my novel to get me through the weekend.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Pancake Day!! I didn't know there was such a day until my hubby informed me. It is a British tradition where they make pancakes and have pancake festivities such as pancake races, pancake flipping competitions, and pancake eating competitions. So in honor of Jesse's mission he made me traditional British pancakes and sausage. British pancakes are very similar to crepes and we filled them with fruit and drizzled syrup on top. I love traditions especially when I get to hear more about Jesse's mission. Now I'm off to bed with hot apple cider to hopefully ease the pain in my throat and ward off the strep throat that has been circulating through my students. I gotta stay healthy and brace myself for parent-teacher conferences this week which means late nights at the school.

Monday, February 20, 2012

This weekend was a perfect sister/relaxation time. We ate lots of great food and got to catch up on our busy lives. We went and saw The Vow, which we both loved despite the reviews and the best part of the movie was at the most romantic part a girl in our theater behind us passed gas. This sent Paige and I into a fit of laughter and we had to sprint to the bathroom where we continued to gasp for breath and wipe or tears from laughing so hard. We browsed DI and got plenty of great books to add to my already full bookshelves. I crocheted us scarves and I even convinced Paige to get front bangs, which are adorable on her. Although the girl went a little outrageous with styling her hair. It was so big she looked like she was a Victoria Secret runway model from Texas. I even got to squeeze in a photo session with my beautiful sis. The majority of the weekend was spent touring cosmetology schools to see which one she liked the best. We discussed the pros and cons over Crispy Creme donuts of course. I wish Paigey lived closer, but maybe her choice of hair school will bring her to Utah. Even though my weekend was so fun I do miss my hubby and can't wait for him to get back. Tonight will be spent like it is every Monday night....watching the Bachelor at our place with the Carrolls (hometown dates this week, can't wait!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day was simple and that's just how I think it should be. I'm not into all the hoop-la that most couples do for this holiday. I worked all day and then came home to a clean house and Jesse making chicken-pot-pie from scratch. We've temporarily switched roles while he goes to school. I provide for our fam and he is the home-maker. I think it's making us both appreciate what the other one will be doing for the rest of our lives. We got divine dessert pizzas at Malawi's with Matt and Emma later that night. Back at home I took a bath and read my book while Jesse did homework. Jesse got me a card with a farting fish on the front which is typical of him, but it did contain the best note I've ever gotten from him. My newest addictive hobby is crocheting and my first finished project is the orange infinity scarf I'm wearing in the pictures below. The last three pictures are our attempt at taking a normal couple picture....didn't quite work out in our favor. Oh did I mention all my cute kids got me lots of candy and sweet Valentine's. It's so fun to be in the classroom and get to watched the kids exchange Valentine's in their home-made boxes.
Well just in case you were wondering I'm still exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open at work. People have been telling me how tired I look the last few weeks and I'm hoping this weekend will be the cure. My hubby is going out of town for our good friends' wedding and I'm so bogged down I won't be able to make the trip, so my sister is coming into town and I'm planning relaxing festivities like napping, renting movies, and getting take-out to eat. Can't wait! Over the weekend we celebrated Valentine's Day a little early by going out and eating at a Korean BBQ place. It was awesome food! I eat everything and especially love trying new types of food, even though I had had Korean before, and I love that I have a husband that is just as adventurous with food as I am. After dinner we met up with our friends to watch the BYU hockey game. On Sunday we went up to Salt Lake with Matt and Emma and ate and played games at the Hyders. Jackie even game Jesse a haircut and thinned my hair. Hence the nasty picture at the bottom of Jesse using all the hair that was thinned out of my mop as an Afro.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our life really is filled with friends,family, and fun lately and it's wonderful and I absolutely can't get enough. Some moments worth documenting are below. Some of them include Jesse and how he is really into his business casual new style for the business school....which really makes me laugh that he's trying to be so official, our Superbowl party with lots of friends and yummy food, Frosted Flakes with crunchy red grapes have been a staple for me lately (I have to get some calcium somehow), and a late night dessert outing for Trav's birthday.
Well it's about time I posted pictures of our humble abode and first place together. This place holds many fantastic memories and there is still three months left to create more. Then the wind is blowing us to other places for the summer because Jesse is in the process of getting an internship. Man I'm going to miss this place. It has been perfect for us in this beginning phase of our marriage. So here goes the tour:
1. our all white kitchen
2. our picture collage wall that I designed and my hubby did a superb job of hanging
3. the hubs lounging on the couch in front of my favorite feature in our home....the bookshelf that is filled to the brim with my books. Sadly not all my books fit on the shelves and they are being stowed away in a huge bin in the closet. One day we'll have a whole room devoted to an in-home library that will be my sanctuary.
4. the entrance to the bathroom
5. the dining space/kitchen
6.the sunburst mirror I made on a whim
7. the living room
8. our bedroom
9. the bathroom