Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well we are officially moved in with my parents back in California and our stuff is in a storage unit waiting for us to move it to a new place in LA. Before we made the big move my close friends put together an adorable baby shower for me with all of my Utah friends and family. The treats were delicious and we all made bows for the baby that I can't wait to put on her. I got lots of diapers and the cutest clothes for the baby. The shower was so quaint and I loved spending time with everyone in such a cozy setting. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

We are winding down to our final days in Provo and trying to spend as much time with our close friends as possible since we are all heading out to different places and starting new chapters in our lives. We have been so blessed to have such supportive friends here and even better that they are all from home. I'm excited to see where life takes everyone in this next year. Lots of changes! Our last big get-together was Sunday at the Ford's new house. We had a BBQ and spent the evening under their huge shade tree. We are so excited to get to live in California again and enjoy nice weather all year round and have family close again, but we will definitely miss our close-knit group of friends.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My life as a stay at home wife/mom has officially started. It's definitely hard getting back into the routine of cooking and cleaning. Jesse and I have had lots of time together since I stopped teaching and it has been so nice. We are definitely going to continue to soak in all the together time before he starts working and grad school and the baby comes. The pregnancy is still going really well and the amazing warm weather we have had in Utah has only made things more enjoyable. We spent yesterday with friends at the pool all day and today we lounged by the river up the canyon. My cravings lately have been pina coladas, watermelon, dessert every night, and recently, the fresh squeezed limeade we had at the local farmers market. Nothing too crazy and we hope it stays that way. We move in less than three weeks and really need to get the packing into full force. Here are a ton of pictures of our life the last few months from Jesse's phone: