Wednesday, April 2, 2014

6 months with Conley

I can't pick a favorite age because every new phase has its perks, but there is so much to love about 6 months. Her stats for 6 months are: 15 lbs 26 1/4 inches
-she started pulling her self up on the crib railing so we had to lower it
-doesn't like to cuddle or be held like a baby
-she will happy shriek for hours and leave mama with a migraine by the end of the day
-she loves grammy's dog Coco and any other dog with long enough hair for her to pull
-she loves to blow spit bubbles between her lips and she thinks it's funny to blow milk bubbles while she is nursing
-she is just barely able to start wearing her 3-6 month clothes
-she can scoot and army crawl forward
-highlights for this month include having her first Easter and having Aunt Paigey and Uncle PJ come home from college
-she has a big freckle on her bum
-she hates to be confined whether it's in her car seat or me hugging her
-she still loves to hang upside-down
-she will scream if she wants something and we don't let her have it (HELP)
-she is an extremely easy baby and as long as she can avoid taking naps and be in the mix of whats going on then she is one happy camper

Conley starts baby food

Man was this girl ready to start food. She was so interested in everything going on at the dinner table and started reaching to grab our food. I really wanted to hold off til she was 6 months, but we just couldn't. I switched off from veggie to fruit, veggie to fruit. She is a unique babe and surprisingly loved the veggies much more than the fruit. Peas are her favorite and we couldn't shovel them into her mouth fast enough. She has enjoyed all the baby food we have given her, thank goodness. She must get the sense that to survive in our family you have to be a big eater and a lover of all foods. We don't cater to picky eaters. I almost had an emotional break-down starting her on solid foods because I felt like she was getting so old, but I have actually loved watching her discover food and develop her taste buds.

5 months with Conley

This little gal of ours is the most active baby and keeps us on our toes. Here are some things I want to remember about her at five months:
-she loves pulling her binky out of her mouth and putting it back in
-she still sleeps in mom & dad's room
-she can crawl backwards
-she can do push-ups
-she happy squeals constantly
-she gets the biggest grin when she sees me after her naps
-she gets frustrated when she can't do something she thinks she should be able to like lift mama's diaper bag
-she loves baths (she kicks like crazy and makes a wave pool)
-she buries her head in my neck or chest when she is tired
-she loves her caterpillar (mostly loves to eat him)
-she loves holding her own feet
-she loves to play with water bottles
-she prefers so suck on her binky upside-down 
-she loves to bounce 
-she loves when grandpa conley sings the "oopma loompa" song to her
-she is very easily entertained, excited, and happy
-she is still in 0-3 month clothes
-she still cries hysterically when she has to take a nap. she hates to miss out on anything.
-highlights for this month include attending her cousin Ethan's baby blessing, getting to go on walks to the beach with dad, starting baby food, and she got a walker that she loves.