Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best Relationship Advice

I was watching an Oprah rerun yesterday (very productive, I know) and Julia Roberts (my favorite actress) was her guest. She said something that was so brilliant I had to document it so I'd remember. Oprah asked how she kept her marriage together all these years and Julia said, "If you want an interesting relationship....stay in one!" What a true statement and I can tell you that everyday my relationship with Jess just gets more and more interesting.
I'm packing and cleaning in preparation for the weekend getaway. Tomorrow we are heading off to a ward activity with a 100ft water-slide down a hillside and then onto a road-trip to Kanab for a family reunion. We couldn't be more excited!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

Things that are making my soul happy these days:
1. Jasmine plum scented candles
2. Home Safe- the novel I'm currently reading
3. my leather bracelet made in Chile that my brother got me
4. The blazing warmth that has finally struck Provo
5. Thinking of this weekend in Kanab with my family
6. floor-length skirts and fadora hats that allow me an extra day of not having to shower(maybe gross to some of you, but we all know showering is such a hassle in my life with this moppy head)
7. my new leather wallet ( I've had my previous wallet for 6 years. Jesse got it for me when we started dating and I haven't had the heart to get a new one until it officially broke two days ago)
8. clean sheets
9. anticipation for my favorite holiday on Monday- fourth of July
10. playing smash-ball in the yard with my hubby while grilling our teriyaki steak and pineapple shish-kabobs

Monday, June 27, 2011


Last week we went boating for our friend, Kyle's, birthday. The weather was perfect and we have some new tans to show for it. I snapped some pictures of Jess wake-boarding. I love these shots with Jesse in the water and the majestic mountains in the background. I will say that boating surrounded by the Utah mountains is the most beautiful boating experience I have had. I have learned to love the mountains in Utah (in the summer).

Sunday, June 26, 2011


The weekend with Paigey and Matt was great. We went to dinner at Malawi's and gorged ourselves on pizza and then browsed in the shops near there. Back at our apartment we played the newlywed game, ate cheesecake, and watched a movie. Sunday was their last day here so we made crepes before church and after church we sent them on their way back home. Sad to see them go, but hoping it won't be much longer til we see them again.
Mission in England
Mission in Africa

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sisterly Lovin'

Paigey is in town this weekend and I love having her here even if it's just for a couple of days. Here is a preview of the fun we are having so far. Nothing better than some retro/ sisterly lovin' shots to capture some great memories with my little sister.
I can't wait for her to be back in Rexburg in the fall with no classes Friday her schedule fits perfectly into her visiting more and us having more fun weekends like this.

Another Discovery

A couple of posts ago I wrote about finding my great grandmother's grave in a Jewish cemetery in Salt Lake. Well since then I did a little detective work and researched where her husband, my great grandpa, was buried. Call me Sherlock Holmes because I found John Patrick Conley's grave. After visiting the cemetery we went out to dinner and ate a Cheesecake Factory. It was the perfect little date night.
buried in the Salt Lake Cemetery

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Late Father's Day

"It should have great meaning that of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that could be given him, that God himself, he who is the highest of all, chose to be addressed simply as "Father"." -President A. Theodore Tuttle
I love that there is a whole day set aside for us to reflect on the wonderful fathers we have in our lives, but it's pretty hard not to be full of gratitude everyday for the insurmountable sacrifices they have made on our behalves.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Park City Girls Retreat 2011

This weekend was exactly what I needed! I got together with 8 other of my closest friends at a condo in park city. We spent the weekend eating, playing games, bowling, and talking into the early hours of the morning. We reminisced about our college days and played catch-up on our current lives. Jessica hosted this years reunion complete with a college memories jeopardy game and a DVD slide show of our college pictures. There was non-stop laughter and even a bit of crying with the realization of how lucky we are to have had a college experience where we met our best friends that will be there for us forever. I left the weekend with a stronger sense of gratitude for the friendships I have with these amazing women and even a tinge of sadness that we don't have near as much time to spend together while our hubbies are finishing school.
Karlee, Tina, Cierra, me
After a game of Dots
Kelsey, Cassie, me
We got to meet Karlee's bun in the oven, Cooper
crammed in the elevator
Tina and Cierra are on duty to plan it next year and I think we are all counting down the days already.