Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween is my favorite holiday right along side the Fourth of July. I love dressing up and Halloween decorations and trick-or-treating. Teaching during Halloween is a blast. Today all the students and teachers got to dress up and celebrate Halloween all day in the schools. My kids were so cute in their costumes and so enthusiastic about Halloween that they are already planning their next years costumes. They are hoping they will randomly figure out where I live and show up on "Mrs. E's" doorstep to trick-or-treat. Teaching is so rewarding and I'm grateful my husband was patient and allowed me the time off of having a job to figure out what I really am passionate about. I love my kids and their positive attitudes and innocent senses of humor. They drive me crazy and make me laugh all at the same time. In their eyes I can do no wrong and I love that they accept me unconditionally just because I am their teacher. I got the cutest note today from a student that read:

"Mrs. E,
You are such a nice, cool, and awesome teacher. I am so glad you are my teacher. You are nice to everyone.


These little notes and hugs from my kids make me forget the exhausting, late nights of lesson planning and the off-days we have.

My first grade math class (minus Damon): Hunter, Sydney, Ryder, Amanda, Scott, Jayden, and Tony.
My second grade Language Arts class: Angelo, Byron, Eli, Tanner, Mo, John, Kameron, Ashton
Guess Who? Where's Waldo
*I couldn't grab a picture with my fourth grade group, but that's on my to do list before the end of the year
After we got back from the cabin Jesse, Kira, and I headed up to Sundance to hike up to Stewart Falls. Jesse and I had done this hike a year ago in the summer, but it was completely different in the fall. Equally as beautiful, but all the colored leaved were unreal. We took the long way there and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and scenery. It was an amazing way to spend our Sunday afternoon and sad to say that it is probably one of the last hikes we will take with the weather getting so cold lately. Being up that high in the mountains the air seems crisper/fresher. The aspen trees are my favorite!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jesse and I spent a part of this weekend at the Ford's cabin in Heber with lots of friends. We rode quads, lounged around the cabin, had a potluck dinner, and watched a scary movie. The highlight of the trip was our intense bowling session at this awesome, retro bowling alley in Heber. After the first game we were split into a losers and winners bracket to play for the title. Did I mention we went bowling dressed up in our Halloween costumes? This fall is treating us kindly!
Ryan made us pumpkin bread bowls to hold our yummy chili
The Manchester United Soccer Team:

Friday night was definitely successful. We went to a wedding reception for one of Jesse's mission companions and then went to DI after. I definitely got the thrill for thrifting gene from my Aunt Sue. She has a true talent for thrifting and I've been loving the feeling of a good find since we got married and are on a budget. It's amazing the things you can get for little to no cost. I love the feeling of finding something you need and realizing you pay $5 dollars for it instead of $50. Needless to say we scored on this croquet set that was $5!!! And I have been collecting these adorable dishes that have a scalloped edge and my assortment is growing. We can't wait to soak up the last days of suitable weather and break out the croquet set on our lawn.

Thursday we had a nice date night with Matt and Emma. The four of us did a session at the Timp. Temple and then went out for ice cream and some arcade games. It was a great way to pull me away from work and lesson planning to enjoy an evening with my hubs and some great friends.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Nothing tops a day with bocce-ball at the park, dinner with friends, a scary movie, and pumpkin chocolate chip waffles all wrapped into one.