Monday, January 31, 2011

A Taste of India

This weekend was busy, but it was nice getting to spend every minute with Jesse. Between work and school we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like during the week so the weekend is our together time. Saturday we drove to Salt Lake and I went to my cousin's baby shower. After the shower Jesse and I went to Bombay House, which is an Indian restaurant. We met a bunch of his mission companions there. It was nice to get to hear mission stories and the boys were in heaven eating curry and naan bread. They ate a lot of Indian food on their mission and Jesse had been craving it for weeks. It was my first time trying it and I actually really liked it. It's definitely not like any other food I've ever tried, but the flavors were great. On Sunday we attended Jesse's grandparent's mission farewell. Their talks were wonderful and they are such great examples to me of service. This is like their tenth mission they are going on and they get to serve in England. His grandma said in her talk that each mission they go on increases their testimonies and enlarges them for the next mission. I think that is an amazing outlook. What a wonderful way to spend your elderly years. His grandmother's talk was incredible and I got choked up like four times, which means it had to have been good because I rarely cry or get choked up over anything including gospel things. After the farewell we went to my aunt Debbie's house for dinner and that was nice to visit with my aunt and cousins. I love family time and this weekend was filled with it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Official

Yes it is official. I am an Eichelberger. I know what you are thinking...haven't you been married 8 months. Yes I have, but I never legally changed my name. Sue me for having a sentimental attachment to my original/birth last name. I mean it is my heritage people. Well my bank cards, license, and social security card have all been changed in the last month. I had to take a written test at the DMV to change my name and get a Utah licence and when I showed the lady what I was changing my last name to she sarcastically said, " I mean could you have married someone with a longer last name?" I just laughed because I totally agree and get that comment all the time. Then she continued on to say, "please don't tell me your maiden name was short and cute." I told her my last name used to be Conley and she said, "oh gosh is was short and cute." haha Thanks DVM lady for making me feel reassured about this name change thing. So now I'm adjusting to signing my name like this:

Brittney Nicole Eichelberger

Did I mention at the DMV I had to resign my new name three times....meaning they had to clear the screen and have me resign three times because I wasn't used to signing this new name and couldn't figure out how to fit it in the box. Needless to say our children will be getting very short first names.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Well for those of you who last heard...Jesse was doing pre-med and majoring in exercise science hoping to do something in the medical field. Well...scratch that! He wasn't feeling 100% into this major or life decision so after getting some counsel from people Jesse changed his major. He is applying for the business school after this semester, which is a perfect fit for him because he is naturally business savy. After he gets his bachelor's degree from BYU we are hoping to move from Utah so Jesse can go to grad school and become a health administrator. He will get the best of both worlds because he will get to be in the medical world, but doing the business side of it. That's one big change in our future. The next is that we have decided to stay in Provo for spring and summer semester. We feel good about this decision and it will move Jesse along quicker in his schooling. I never thought I would say this but I'm actually excited to stay in Utah for the summer. It's beautiful here in the summer. I'm hoping to put our camping gear to use and enjoy the heat outside and maybe even get some pigment back in our skin...keep your fingers crossed.

Park City Weekend

This weekend was filled with fun. Friday night it was low key and Jesse and I just watched a movie at home and spent time together. Saturday morning Jesse tore-it-up on the basketball court in his inter-mural game. After the game I went and got a haircut to fix my mop and I love the change. It's crazy how just getting my bangs cut can make me feel better about myself...but then again I have always liked change. Saturday evening we had dinner with our friends and had a make-it-yourself panini bar. After dinner we all drove to Park City for the sundance festival. We walked around town and went into the shops and looked for celebrities. Jesse saw 50 cent, Floyd Mayweather, and T.O. I love Park City it is the cutest little town. After the night out we went in the spa with everyone and then got In-and-Out for a late night snack.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

CRAZY in love

I was going through pictures of me and Jesse and came across these gems that showcase our personalities and relationship perfectly. . . crazy! Enjoy!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today was a fun day and Jesse definitely enjoyed having the day off of school. To celebrate the holiday we went up to the Ford's cabin in Heber. We spent the day quadding, snowmobiling, and making an igloo. It was a blast! I absolutely hate the snow and never really enjoy being in it unless I'm inside hibernating, but I actually loved every minute of being out in the snow today.

me and Jesse quadding
The boys digging out the igloo

Beautiful view
Ryan inside the igloo (half way done)

me and Jesse snowmobiling

Jesse pulling Matt
Jesse and Matt

He's a Keeper

I'm taking a moment to brag about my wonderful husband that I definitely DO NOT deserve. He treats me like a queen even when I'm the most difficult person to handle. Today after making dinner I watched the Bachelor and told Jesse to leave all the dishes in the sink and I would do them tomorrow since I have a lot of time on my hands not being employed. After zoning out for a while I realized the sink was on and yelled to him that I said I would do them tomorrow. I got up to go help and he said, "sit down and relax I'm going to do them for you". What a winner....I know! Not to mention that about every other night he runs a bubble bath for me so I can read and relax in it, and some nights he brings me home cherry coke (my favorite) so I can have it while I take my bath, and most nights he plays with my hair until I fall asleep. He is a saint and trust me I know how good I have it. I am very grateful he is my husband.
Oh and some of you might be thinking this behavior won't last. It's just because we are newlyweds, but let me tell you from years of dating this man and almost a year of being married to him....that's just his character and he is the greatest example of ultimate love and service. I am lucky to have a husband that will treat me this same way 80 years down the road.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Favorite Time of Day

Since being back from the break Jesse and I have fallen back into a routine, which is the best thing for me. Every evening when he gets home from class and I'm done job searching and cleaning the apartment. We go into the kitchen and cook together. I love this time. Some days he cooks for me and other days I cook for him, but most days we split the work and both cook together. We both enjoy cooking so it's a time to wind down together and talk about our day.

Later I run a hot bubble bath and soak for a bit while I read this little gem of a series.
The evenings are my favorite time of day and in my future home I hope to have a bath tub big enough so I can actually lay all the way down in it without having to contort my body to stay warm. This may not sound like a nice relaxing bath time but I've gotten used to scrunching in our ghetto bath that is fit for a four year old...and to tell you the truth this is my perfect "me time". I have learned to appreciate and even love the simplicity of being young and married and poor, just getting by day by day and having a small space to call our own.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

I can't believe 2010 is already over! I can't wait to see what's in store for Jesse and I in 2011. Here are the major highlights from 2010. Enjoy!

We spent the first few months of the year enjoying being engaged and planning a wedding
We got married!
We spent the summer living in sunny California
We went on a honeymoon to Coronado Island
We moved to Provo, Utah and enjoyed the fall as long as it lasted
Jesse got a job working at the sporting events at BYU and I student taught in Draper
Jesse tried a new sport: rugby
We celebrated Jesse's 22nd birthday
He left on a mission to Chile
She left for her first semester of college at BYU Idaho
I graduated from BYU Idaho
And we ended the year celebrating our first Christmas together in California with our families
I know this year won't be topped in the future just because it is the year we got married, but we are definitely gonna come close.

End of the Break

We are finally back home and winding down, but we ended the Christmas break with a bang. We went to our friends', Jackie and Andrew's, bachelor/bachelorette party one night and then to their wedding in San Diego the next day. Jesse was a groomsmen and looked sweet in the white tux. We celebrated our nephew's first birthday and spent time with our families. To end the break we drove to Rexburg with my mom to take my little sister to college.

The beautiful bridesmaids
Jesse and Josh
Me and Kira

Collin turned 1
Paige as a freshman at BYU Idaho
Paige with her freshman shirt and me with my alumni shirt
Jesse pumping gas in the snow