Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Engagement Favorites

Mike Cunningham is amazing to say the least. Here are some of my favorites of our engagement pics. It's going to be hard to choose especially since Jess looks like such a stud in them all.


  1. great pictures! What an incredible photography. He's very talented...you are right! I like the picture where you are both looking up and the sun is shining on your faces..you look real innocent...i also like the second from the top...those are my picks for the invitation....the other ones wih the orange/peachy vines are WAAAAY cool. Those are great pictures. You are both sooo good looking and that helps too!

  2. MY fiance is so beautiful. Cant wait to put one of those pics of her at work and make all my colleagues jealous!

  3. They look great you guys! Jesse you have to have a job before you can make your colleagues jealous...lets not get ahead of ourselves here :)