Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday Girl

This is a birthday shout-out for my little sister, Paigey. Her birthday isn't until next week, but Jesse and I are taking a road-trip home to spend time with the fams so I won't be blogging. I was telling Jesse today how sad I feel for girls who are in families with all boys because they don't get to experience having a relationship with a sister. It really is this amazing, unique dynamic to have a sister. I love knowing that she will take my side and understand me always even when I'm being ridiculous and I do the same for her. She is absolutely gorgeous and doesn't even know it, which makes it even better. She is kind-hearted and sympathetic. She is definitely unlike the rest of us in the family and that's why I love her. She gives our family some spice and flare. She has an amazing voice and is very musically talented, she definitely stole all those genes and left none for me. She is great with kids and is going to be the best mom. I could learn a few things in that area from her. She is sensitive and always there when you need her. She is more shy and reserved until you get to know her. She has great ideas and I love being around her all together. Her and I are two pees in a pod when it comes to lounging at home and watching FRIENDS. I'm grateful her and I were picked and placed in the same family. I couldn't live without her. I love you Paige. Happy Birthday!

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