Friday, December 24, 2010

Fleckner Family Christmas Party

Yesterday night we attended the annual Fleckner Family Christmas party. It turned out to be very memorable and filled with a lot of laughs. I will say it has been the best one up to date. We ate yummy food, opened presents, had wrapping paperball wars, wrapped gifts for a family in need, and sang into the night with Jordy on the piano. Here are some pictures that capture the evening.

wrapping gifts
All the sisters... real mature Aunt Nancy
The twins
The Teri's and Moose
Me and Jesse
Me and Queen Grandma

Shawn beating Nancy, Nancy trying to beat P.J., but beating Justin Bieber instead...quite an intense moment
Jesse and his favorite uncle
Paige and Jordy at the piano
Emma and Dad
Aunt Nannie and Paige
Lauren and Uncle Robert
Me and Beautiful Emma
Conley Family & the stuffed raccoon

Mickey and Grandma

Aunt Sue and her nurse

Us with Kiley
Our guest of honor...Justin

The Fleckners
The lovely Koford girls
Mom and Adam

At the end of the night Aunt Sue was awarded "Best Cheesecake" by uncle Bob

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