Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pet Names? HELP!

If you know me you know I hate mushy things pertaining to relationships, including pet names. I like being called Brittney or Britt, I mean that has been my name for the past 23 years. This also means I like calling Jesse by his name too. The occasional "babe" might even be used in our household, but that is the extent of it. About a week ago Jesse tried casually throwing some pet names into our conversation and I screamed in horror. He tried using hunny, sweetie, and sweetheart. He thinks it is funny that those names freak me out so much, especially "hunny". Now he throws those names out just to creep me out and his friends even get a kick out of it and encourage him to call me them. I would think after being together for five years there would be a clear establishment or lack there of, of pet names. Some people think these names are terms of endearment (whatever floats your boat), but it is much more personal to me to be called by my given name. It is a funny thing to listen to the pet names couples use for each other. I have always taken notice of this and can honestly say there are some comical pet names used in my immediate and extended family as well as with some of my friends and their significant others.

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  1. haha jesse needs to stooop! that is not okay! i sent jess that e-mail last night for our girls reunion and i was thinking about how much i miss living with you! and going in the spa everyday! hah!