Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was cinco de mayo and what better way to celebrate then with a fiesta. We had a bunch of friends over to BBQ and the weather ended up being perfect. We had fajitas, carne asada, chips, salsa, seven layer dip, and the works. We enjoyed our food and each others' company on the front lawn. Then we all went and played kickball at the park and then back to our place for ice cream. It was a perfect day because I got my three favorite things all at once: family, friends, food.

Earlier that day Jess and I played around with the soccer ball in the yard. Later I laid on a blanket and read for a bit and basked in the sun. I'm so happy the sun finally decided to grace Utah with its presence. Hallelujah!

Jesse and Andrew BBQing

The guests:

Kira, Jackie, me

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  1. Like the outfit you are wearing. Ever since the Royal Wedding, where everyone was wearing a hat, I have wanted to wear one :)