Monday, May 9, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

That song is so appropriate for a day like today. It's a Monday and it's raining, but I'm not feeling the blues about it because yesterday I got to talk to my little brother, Travis. My family at home, Travis, and Jesse and I were able to do a three way Skype. Travis looked great and sounded even better. We were able to talk for about an hour and get the scoop on his mission in Chile. He was eating dinner at a family's home and they adore Travis (who doesn't?). He sounded so upbeat and loves where he is at. Talking to him boosted my spirits and I'm still on a "happy high" from hearing how amazing my brother is doing. Some highlights from the conversation were that his bunk collapsed on his companion below him one night (classic), the police there are only allowed to shoot criminals with bean-bags there, they eat chicken everyday that are boosted with steroids so Trav says the kids that are 12 there look like they are 20, and Chileans love the English, Americans, and themselves. It sounds like a beautiful country and a beautiful culture.
Trav and I wearing our matching leather jackets
And a birthday shout-out to my bff, Megan Loar! I don't know if our friendship consists of anything else but laughter and that's why I love her. She is simply a true friend. Love you Meggy Baby!

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  1. oh my goodness! this seriously just made my day! love you brit!