Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts and Sugar Donuts

Overall it's been a productive day for me. Jess and I woke up and took a long walk just to enjoy the warm weather that has finally graced us with its presence. I'm not holding my breath though...who knows how long it will last. After our walk we made homemade sugar donuts. So easy and so delicious. I turned in another resume at a dental office. Don't worry, I grinned real big to expose my big pearly whites. Isn't that what they care about when hiring in a dental office? I'm hoping I get this job because finding employment in Provo is getting ridiculously difficult. I cleaned the apartment and now I'm catching a rerun episode of Oprah featuring Celine Dion (love her) before I have to start making dinner. I talked to my bff, Meg, today and it made me miss my best friends, but I don't have to miss them for long because only 17 more days until our Park City reunion weekend. Heaven help that town when we enter it because it's going to be an collision of craziness. My thoughts and prayers are with the Finlaysons this week because their grandfather unexpectedly passed away, and my grams comes into town this weekend and I can't wait to hit up the Cheesecake Factory (our favorite place) with her. Lots to be grateful for and lots to look forward to.

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