Saturday, May 28, 2011

Typical Sunday

Lately our Sundays have consisted of Jesse and Kira doing puzzles for hours on end while I watched a movie. They are amazing at puzzles and honestly I'm kind of jealous since I can only begin to fit a piece in a puzzle when there are only tiny holes to fill in toward the end of constructing the puzzle. Another Sunday past time is going on drives. I grew up going on drives with my family. I love looking at houses and being in the car is therapeutic for me. I can't wait until it gets warm here and we can take leisurely drives up the canyon.

Ready to go on our Sunday drive in the rain

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  1. Since we did that puzzle at your place I have been wanting to do I got one and what was a thinking, 1000 pieces?!! It did look like a big mess on our table and it is slowly coming together. Maybe I'll be like you and let Brenton do the puzzle while I watch a movie :)