Monday, June 20, 2011

Park City Girls Retreat 2011

This weekend was exactly what I needed! I got together with 8 other of my closest friends at a condo in park city. We spent the weekend eating, playing games, bowling, and talking into the early hours of the morning. We reminisced about our college days and played catch-up on our current lives. Jessica hosted this years reunion complete with a college memories jeopardy game and a DVD slide show of our college pictures. There was non-stop laughter and even a bit of crying with the realization of how lucky we are to have had a college experience where we met our best friends that will be there for us forever. I left the weekend with a stronger sense of gratitude for the friendships I have with these amazing women and even a tinge of sadness that we don't have near as much time to spend together while our hubbies are finishing school.
Karlee, Tina, Cierra, me
After a game of Dots
Kelsey, Cassie, me
We got to meet Karlee's bun in the oven, Cooper
crammed in the elevator
Tina and Cierra are on duty to plan it next year and I think we are all counting down the days already.

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  1. Cute cute cute! It was so fun, I might steal some of these for my post too k? Love you Britt it was so good to see you:)