Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gone Fishin'

The past couple of days Jesse has been getting the itch to fish. Have we caught anything yet? Nope. To make matters worse, huge fish jump out of the water all around our bait, but they never bite. It's like they are taunting us and trying to prove they are smarter than we are. I thought fishing was peaceful until my recent experiences. Yesterday morning we went fishing up Provo canyon at 7 am and it was a perfect day. Jesse fished while I read my book and we we got home we took a nap. Jesse has finals today and I'm thinking we will go fishing after his tests to help him de-stress, but then again maybe it will just stress him out more that the fish aren't biting.
Don't be fooled by Jesse bend rod above. The hook was snagged at the bottom of the lake. We need to catch a fish today because I'm craving some fish tacos.

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