Sunday, June 12, 2011

Natural Hot Springs

So Saturday as soon as I got back from the Lava Hot Springs in Idaho I got my stuff together and left with Jesse to meet up with some of our friends from the ward. We loaded into the Johnstons' jeep and headed up the Spanish Fork Canyon to the fifth water hot springs. The weather was amazing and we definitely took full advantage of it riding in the jeep with the top down, which made Jesse and I remember the days in high school when we would ride in his beloved jeep. We did the 2.5 mile hike and made it to the springs. The first set of hot springs were warm so we started there and even exfoliated our skin with some sulfur and sand. We were determined to wake up this morning with great skin. After a little while we hiked up further and found some other hot springs that were blazing hot and they sat at the base of a huge waterfall. It was picture perfect and a such a refreshing place to eat our packed dinners and spend time with our friends. We soaked up every bit of daylight basking in the hot springs and being in total awe of the breathtaking scenery. I'm predicting we spend many more evenings in those hot springs.
Zack, Jesse, Kyle
Collette, me, Kylee
Exfoliating with our sand/mud masks
The view from the waterfall of the upper hot springs that were extremely hot

Kyle and Jesse lovin' life

We are continually checking things off our list of things to accomplish this summer with Collette and Kyle:
-riding in the jeep up the canyon...check
-hiking to the hot springs...check

Next on our list is floating down the Provo river.


  1. WOW! it looks like you guys had such a fun weekend. I'm jealous! Get ready for this upcoming weekend yaaaaahooooo!!!! :)

  2. Thank goodness for you two keeping us exploring Utah!