Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

Things that are making my soul happy these days:
1. Jasmine plum scented candles
2. Home Safe- the novel I'm currently reading
3. my leather bracelet made in Chile that my brother got me
4. The blazing warmth that has finally struck Provo
5. Thinking of this weekend in Kanab with my family
6. floor-length skirts and fadora hats that allow me an extra day of not having to shower(maybe gross to some of you, but we all know showering is such a hassle in my life with this moppy head)
7. my new leather wallet ( I've had my previous wallet for 6 years. Jesse got it for me when we started dating and I haven't had the heart to get a new one until it officially broke two days ago)
8. clean sheets
9. anticipation for my favorite holiday on Monday- fourth of July
10. playing smash-ball in the yard with my hubby while grilling our teriyaki steak and pineapple shish-kabobs

1 comment:

  1. ooo cute. you made me want like all of these things! haha happy happy 4th!