Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don't all boys want to be astronauts when they are little? Since I started dating Jesse 6 years ago I knew I was dealing with a boy at heart. That fact is confirmed everyday. He keeps things fun and playful and still holds on to his little boy dreams. Don't get me wrong... I love that Jesse is just a big kid and to be honest since I've officially emerged into adulthood with this career of mine I think Peter Pan's idea of never growing up and flying away to Never-Never Land sounds like an excellent plan right about now. Last night we went on a date night with Matt and Emma to the Riverwoods. We watched people take big falls on the wave simulator at the Beach Club and acted like big kids in the giant toy store. We ended the night eating caramel apples and watching the boys run through the water fountains. It was an entertaining free date and those don't come easy.
Matt and Jess
The newest member of NASA?

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