Sunday, September 11, 2011

This weekend has given me ample opportunities to catch up on some much needed sleep, but I still feel exhausted. Friday we rode our bikes to our stake BBQ and got to spend time with our ward friends. We absolutely love our ward! This trike is a head turner, so much so that I had two people stop me and comment on how awesome my bike is. On the way home we grabbed some yummy cupcakes at our favorite dessert spot. At home we rolled out our thick memory foam in the living room and fell asleep watching Prison Break (so addicting). Saturday we went grocery shopping and ran some errands. Later we ate In N' Out with Trav, Devin, and Kira while watching the BYU football game. We all went to the BYU women's soccer game later for date night. To end the night Jesse and I rented a movie and fell asleep in the living room once again.
Our Sunday has been successful. We have attended our wonderful church meetings, taken a Sunday nap together, Jesse is working at the fireside while I am lesson planning, we are making breakfast for dinner later, and I am going to end the night with a hot bubble bath and finishing my book. Then it's off to bed early with Prison Break lulling us to sleep. Weeks are going by fast, but the weekends even quicker. I wish life would slow down enough for me to enjoy it a little more. I'm hoping by January I'll have y head on straight.

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