Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween is my favorite holiday right along side the Fourth of July. I love dressing up and Halloween decorations and trick-or-treating. Teaching during Halloween is a blast. Today all the students and teachers got to dress up and celebrate Halloween all day in the schools. My kids were so cute in their costumes and so enthusiastic about Halloween that they are already planning their next years costumes. They are hoping they will randomly figure out where I live and show up on "Mrs. E's" doorstep to trick-or-treat. Teaching is so rewarding and I'm grateful my husband was patient and allowed me the time off of having a job to figure out what I really am passionate about. I love my kids and their positive attitudes and innocent senses of humor. They drive me crazy and make me laugh all at the same time. In their eyes I can do no wrong and I love that they accept me unconditionally just because I am their teacher. I got the cutest note today from a student that read:

"Mrs. E,
You are such a nice, cool, and awesome teacher. I am so glad you are my teacher. You are nice to everyone.


These little notes and hugs from my kids make me forget the exhausting, late nights of lesson planning and the off-days we have.

My first grade math class (minus Damon): Hunter, Sydney, Ryder, Amanda, Scott, Jayden, and Tony.
My second grade Language Arts class: Angelo, Byron, Eli, Tanner, Mo, John, Kameron, Ashton
Guess Who? Where's Waldo
*I couldn't grab a picture with my fourth grade group, but that's on my to do list before the end of the year


  1. Love your costume! Your kids are so cute. I am glad that you love your job!

  2. Seriously cutest kids ever!!! That is awesome you love your job!!