Friday, October 14, 2011

It's my favorite time of year! This is the half of the year when Jesse and I are the same age. The birthday boy turned 23! It was the never-ending birthday this year since Jesse's birthday was on a Sunday. We ended up celebrating all weekend long to make up for it. What a lucky duck. Friday we went to watch the BYU hockey game and then the boys played an intense game of broom hockey after. Saturday morning I went and got us a batch of fresh donuts from the local bakery while Jesse slept in. We met up with a bunch of friends at Tucanos for an all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat feast for lunch. On Sunday we had a fiesta with friends and ended the night playing a riveting game of Mad Gab and Catch Phrase. I was so proud of myself this year because I made the cake-of-all-cakes. It was a multi-colored, multi-layered cake. I personally think I knocked it out of the park with that one and will definitely be making it in the future. Maybe it will be a family tradition to make this cake on our birthdays.

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