Sunday, March 4, 2012

This weekend was busy and packed full of activities, which I think added to the fact that I spent the whole night over the toilet with the flu. Friday we went with other couples in our ward to have dinner at our bishop's home. It was amazing food and fun conversation. It was a sweet experience to get to know our bishop and his wife better. Later that night Jesse and I went to the Jarman's new place and played a game over there. Saturday we ran some errands and then took advantage of the decent weather and broke out our croquet set at the park across the street. We played a few rounds of croquet with our friends and then met up for dinner at Magelby's. To end the night we all went bowling, which I couldn't enjoy much because by then the flu had already started to set in. Now I'm off to my school to prepare some sub plans for tomorrow so I can take the day off and rest and recoup.

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