Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last night was supposed to be our date night so we went out to eat, stopped by Barnes and Noble to browse, and then headed to the movies to see The Lucky One. It was definitely not my lucky night. We went to two theaters and got tickets only to realize that there were no two seats open together. So we had to get refunded twice and finally faced the facts that we weren't going to be able to see this movie. I was already on the verge of a break down so this just sent me over the edge. My sweet husband counseled me through the tears and made me feel that I was entitled to these moments of anger and hopelessness due to our life the last year and half, but that I couldn't let it consume me and determine my future situations. I fell asleep soon after and got some much needed sleep. I was able to sleep in a little longer than usual and then Jesse took me to see a morning showing of The Lucky One, which did not disappoint. We grabbed some lunch and ate at the park while we soaked up the sun and 80 degree weather. Hallelujah! During our lunch date at the park I opened my fortune cookie and read "you will soon witness a miracle". I don't choose to believe that was just a luck of the draw or a random coincidence. I've been praying for a miracle and this was a comforting and hopeful reassurance that our time will come. I'm back in the apartment ready to take a nap and Jesse just headed out the door to go golfing with Travis. My husband deals with a lot from me especially as I try to get a grip on my emotions and I'm grateful how committed he is to me and how stable and strengthening he is. He gives me daily words of hope that get me happily through my day. Everyday I'm grateful for my husband. He isn't just good for me....he is and will always be the BEST for me. I don't like getting cheesy/mushy about Jesse, but occasionally I feel I need to publicly express my awareness of how much he does for me. His calmness perfectly balances my tendencies to be high-strung.

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