Sunday, May 6, 2012

This weekend did not disappoint. My kids had state testing this week so I was running around the school teaching all grade levels while their homeroom teachers proctored tests. I was exhausted by the end of every school day and I needed the weekend more than ever. I did learn from this week that when my own children  enter 5th grade I might just have to ship them away to boarding school (5th grade children = death). Friday night we went camping with the Carrolls and Fords at Maple Lake up Payson Canyon. It was gorgeous weather and the lake was so picturesque and filled with fish. The boys all caught fish and were happy men when they got to build a fire and eat tin foil dinners. I will say, our tin foil dinners were divine and the best we have ever had thanks to chef Jesse. We got a sugar high off of cactus cooler and s'mores. In the morning we enjoyed a hike to the Grotto (a waterfall that flows into a cave). Later that next night we met back up with a bunch of couples for Mexican food and games to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

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