Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thanks to my amazing family, Jesse and I are finally getting settled into our new place in Provo. My brothers packed up a huge trailer of our furniture and my parents drove it up to Utah for us. While they were here we had to stick to tradition and go to Trolley Square and get my dad's favorite salt water taffy. While we were there we headed up the hill to the cemetery so I could show my dad his grandma and grandpa's graves. It was a cool experience and we even got to see the graves of many of the prophets. It's a beautiful cemetery on the top of Salt Lake. We even made a bird friend there that wouldn't stop following us. It let me mom pet it and almost landed on my dad in the process of trying to feed it a doughnut. We love having family in town and are excited for my family to come back up in a few weeks for conference.

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