Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jesse and I made a trip out to Washington DC in March so Jesse could interview for grad school at Georgetown. Despite what my husband thinks I really did enjoy the trip and was glad I got to see the sites because the history over there is incredible. I was seven weeks pregnant and puking all the time and not able to eat anything so I may have seemed grumpy and I was definitely out of energy. My favorite part of the trip was definitely Arlington Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum. Our hotel was so nice and we even got to spend a day in the city with some of our good friends, which brightened my spirits. We did so much walking and my feet were killing me by the end of the day. We experienced the metro and the biter cold weather. It was a great experience, but I learned that if I had a choice DC is probably not the place for me, but I do understand why people love it there so much. Jesse did get accepted to Georgetown, but ended up declining the flattering offer. If we were to do this trip again I would suggest we do it in the warmer months with the cherry blossom trees and while I am not pregnant. 

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