Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just before Conley was two weeks old we spent the weekend at my parents and had my new favorite photographer take some newborn/family photos for us. How convenient that this photographer is in my family and did I mention she is only a senior in high school. Unreal! Check out her work at Each day time with this babe just gets sweeter and sweeter. Jesse and I cuddle with her and stare at her all day and obsess over how beautiful she is. By the time she hits her teen years she will probably have a huge ego created by us telling her how gorgeous she is every two minutes. Onlookers probably think we are annoying, but yes we really do this. I love how simple these pictures are and the lighting is perfection. Lauren captured our new little family perfectly and I'm in love with these pictures of our baby and these moments that show our heavenly little bubble that we are currently living in with Conley.

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