Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 months with Conley

4 month stats:    weight- 13 lbs (30%)    height- 24 1/2 inches (55%)
-she is still fitting into 0-3 month clothes
-she is our petite baby
-people are still in awe over how incredibly strong she is and how big her eyes are
-she rolled over a week before she turned 4 months
-she grabs everything in her path and puts it in her mouth
-she jabbers to herself all day long
-she has become a mama's girl 
-she sleeps great at night, but hates to take naps during the day and cries hysterically when she is getting tired for a nap
-she is going through a phase where she's not a fan of getting buckled into her carseat (she's fine once she is strapped in). she arches her back to make it extremely hard for us to actually get the straps buckled
-highlights for this month include: frequent beach days with family, she got her 4 month shots, she went to grammy and grandpa's for a Superbowl party, she got to go to cheesecake factory with mom and dad for Valentine's day, she goes on a walk down to the beach everyday with her mama, she went to her first two birthday parties for her friends Hudson and Mason, her and mama got a new car (MAZDA CX7)
-she loves to lay on our laps and then push her body back so her head hangs upside down over our knees. she LOVES to hand upside down
-she loves to kick and splash in the bath
-she recognizes her name now and will turn toward you when you call her name (her dad thinks this is SO cool)
-she loves going on walks in her stroller

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