Thursday, July 10, 2014

8 months with Conley

-our girl has learned to climb
-she started standing up on her own without having to hold on to anything
-she is a little fish and loves being in the water
-she is still great at nursing
-when she gets really tired she'll climb up on me and push her forehead really hard into mine (I die laughing)
-she snorts a lot
-she is overly friendly and will go to anyone
-both her front bottom teeth just came in
-she now rides in her stroller like a big girl
-she is fascinated with eyelashes and will climb up on anyone and grab, pinch, and pull their eyelashes
-she is super active and busy
-she hates to be constrained whether in her car seat or anyone trying to hug or cuddle her
-she sleep in her own room in her big girl crib now
-she grunts/hums when she is concentrating on something
-she is obsessed with other kids and babies and grabs for them 
-highlights for this month include: she got to go on a couples trip with us and some of our best friends to Palm Springs, she got to celebrate my first mother's day with me, dad took her on her first giant slip n' slide, she went to the zoo for the first time

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