Monday, August 16, 2010


Last week we made the drive to Provo and moved into our new apartment. George and Charlene joined us and it made the move easier and more enjoyable to have a set of parents there. We tried the famous Iceberg ice cream which had great malts that held up to my standards. We also went to Crown Burger and I tried a crown burger and inhaled it. . . not to mention the onion rings were to die for. Now we are basically unpacked in our apartment just waiting to get a few more pieces of furniture.

We slept on the floor our first night in our apartment because we didn't have a bed
We went to an English store just for Jesse so he could get some treats
He was in heaven here!
We drove into Provo Canyon and hiked to Stewart falls

We made it! Gorgeous hike and falls

The view from the top of the falls
I had to make a wish on this gigantic dandelion

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