Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Love

Happy 22nd birthday to the best husband! We woke up today and I made Jesse French toast before his rugby game. His game went well and his team is is getting better and better each game. He came off the field with a battle wound: a cut right down his forehead between his eyes. After the game we went out to lunch with my uncle Bob and the boys. Now Jesse is working at the BYU football game until 8. I'm going to get take-out Chinese food (his request) and pick him up from work. We will eat at home and relax for a bit and then go to the nickel arcade in town with friends and then have cake after. It's been a busy birthday for Jesse.

I love this half of the year when we are the same age again! I love Jesse for so many reasons. He is definitely the better half of us and is everything I'm not. He is a great example of what I'm striving to be everyday. He is helpful and always serving others. He is a friend to everyone, especially me. He supports me in all I do and keeps me level headed. He definitely is a miracle man for being able to put up with me for eternity. We all know nobody else would have been able to do that. I love you Jess, happy birthday!

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