Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nickel City

Jesse worked all day on his birthday so when he got home that night we had to celebrate and go out with a bang. We met up with a bunch of friends at Nickel City in town which Jesse had already said he had to do on his birthday. I don't think any of us were expecting this place to be so addictive and fun. The night was a blast and I concluded that it's a good thing I'm not a gambling woman because that night I sat in front of the Pharaoh game and plunked two bags filled of nickels into the machine just hoping to get tickets. I didn't want to try any other game this one had me addicted. After Nickel city we went back to the girls house where Jesse and Kira blew out their birthday candles and we ate cake. The party didn't end there. . . we stayed up until one in the morning playing animal games. The night was eventful and think we got a little delirious at the end. Jesse laughed til he cried and simply cried while being the host of Mafia. It was a great night to say the least.

Me and the birthday boy
They have their game faces on ready to challenge each other to a basketball competition
me and the bride-to-be
Exhibit A of addiction setting in
the outcome of addiction: awesome prizes

why they chose to blow the candle out toward each other no one will ever know
trying real hard
really hard
Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends, Kira, and my best friend and hubby, Jesse.

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