Friday, December 24, 2010

Busy Weekend

So the weekend was crazy and my pictures and posts prove that. From taking Travis to the MTC to graduating to Patrick's wedding to spending a snowy weekend in Midway with my in-laws it was an exhausting, but family-filled weekend. And if you know me you know I love my family time. Patrick's wedding was beautiful and it was fun to eat good food and visit with all of the family. I will say the highlight of the wedding was Grams being chased by a wild college boy who wanted her to dance with him. Classic! Patrick and Keri looked gorgeous and happy and Jesse and I are excited to have another married couple in the family join the group.

Me and the Finlayson girls
Me and Mandy

The newlyweds
Patrick's dance with Aunt Kathy

The beautiful mom-to-be

In Midway with Grandma & Grandpa Pulsipher
In Midway the snow never stopped, but I loved being able to visit with Jesse's parents and grandparents. They leave on their mission in January to England. The resort they live in was heavenly and my home-away-from-home there was the relaxation room. I definitely need one of those in my future home.

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