Thursday, December 23, 2010

College Graduate.... LEGIT

After we took Travis to the MTC we drove to Rexburg so I could graduate. It was a great day and I definitely feel extremely accomplished and proud of myself. I can honestly say I tried my hardest in everything I was asked to do in the four years I attended BYU Idaho and I'm leaving with no regrets. I have loved every minute of my college education. BYU Idaho was a neat place to go. The teachers know your name and face and they care about you and how you are doing. You know the faces you see on campus and the small town feeling adds to the spirit on campus. We were the first graduating class to have the commencement ceremony in the new building which is a smaller replica of the conference center. It was amazing! The speaker was Marlin K. Jensen from the quorum of the seventy and his talk was motivating and reminded me how blessed we are being born into the covenant. The words that stuck with me are... growing up in the gospel we have experience in it's fullness the greatest institution on earth, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also that we should not just be inheritors of the blessings Christ gives us, we should go further and be true disciples. Who wouldn't be motivated with those words. They make you realize all that you have and what a responsibility we have to now go and serve with a fullness of purpose and heart and newly gained education. Now I'm an alumni and loving it.

My in-laws came to support me
Me and my dad

Nothing inside...really?
High school friends graduating again together

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