Monday, December 6, 2010

A Taste of My Own Medicine

I was not going to post this, but it has given me a big laugh today so I thought I'd share. Today I ran errands and while I was out I bought new windshield wipers for our car. Later that day Jesse and I were going out to run another errand and we brought the windshield wipers out to the car to quickly attach them before we left. So I was sitting inside the car watching Jesse try REALLY, REALLY to attach the new wipers. I was giggling inside the car thinking "what is going on? why does he not know how to do this? It's a skill I thought boys were born with!" So I snapped a picture from inside the car of his failed effort. He gave up and got back in the car and I showed him the picture and jokingly said I was going to blog about how he couldn't figure out how to replace the windshield wipers. Still in my head I thought I was smart enough to finish the task, so I took the blades and went back outside the car and tried to attach them myself. Jesse was inside the car and obviously wanted to give me a taste of my own medicine because as I was loading the pictures from my camera onto the computer tonight I saw the second picture below of myself, which reveals my failed attempt to solve our problem while showing up my husband. Thank you Jesse for always making me laugh even if it's at my own expense. He always knows how to keep me grounded and expose my ridiculousness.

Jesse's attempt
My attempt
P.S. Just to relieve everyone's fears we do know how to attach these now. They aren't the slide in kind. We have to remove a screw first to get them in.

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  1. the picture of you legitly made me laugh out loud. great story. hhahaa