Friday, December 10, 2010

About Me

I thought this was a cute personal survey I've seen on other people's blogs. Jesse suggest I edit this post and make it about him... quote: "you should make it 4 things I love about my husband, 4 things my husband is good at, etc." Really pathetic I know, but also really funny. He always keeps me laughing at his expense.

4 shows I watch:

1) Modern Family: it's like a modern day Friends to me. Makes me laugh almost as hard. I love every character.
2) Friends: always have and always will be my go to show. I have all of the seasons and watch them almost everyday. I'm seriously contemplating naming my children after each character.
3)Bachelor: can't wait for the new season January 3rd! I love seeing girls or guys fight for one person and make a fool out of themselves. Really entertaining.
4) Keeping up with the Kardasians: I know this show is trashy, don't judge me, but I honestly think Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney are hilarious. I love watching their relationships with each other.

4 things I'm passionate about:

1) Food: I'm not afraid to say I'm a garbage disposal and my day definitely revolves around when and what I'm going to eat.
2) Reading: I love reading especially while I'm taking a bubble bath. I love reading great books about other countries and their cultures. I'm obsessed with historical fiction and fascinated with the holocaust.
3) Family: everyone that knows me knows I love hanging out with my family 24/7. If given the choice I will hang out with my family over my friends any day. Everyone also knows my family is abnormally close and I love it that way. My mom, sister, aunts, cousins, and grandmas are my best friends hands down.
4) Traveling: I can't say I have traveled much, so I guess I'm passionate about the dream of traveling to foreign countries. I definitely dream of going to Greece, Jerusalem, and an Asian country.

4 phrases I say alot:

1) totally
2) stop it
3) oh my gosh
4) seriously?

4 things I have learned from the past:

1) What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger....I repeatedly have to tell myself that to get through trials
2) Everything will work out the way it is supposed to.... things always end up better in the end then we think they will
3) Enjoy every minute of being young because life is hard and being an adult is hard
4) Keep an eternal perspective it makes marriage a little easier

4 things I did yesterday:

1) took a bath
2) bought a new book
3) cooked an amazing dinner
4) had a girls night with Kira

4 places I would love to visit:

1) England.... we are in the process of planning a trip either this summer or next Christmas break
2) Greece... Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants made me fall in love with this place and have wanted to go ever since
3) Jerusalem... have always been interested in the culture over there and would love to see the church sites
4) Thailand... love the food and have loved reading about the culture. It looks beautiful there.

4 things I'm looking forward to:

1) Graduating from BYU Idaho next weekend! finally!
2) Christmas break and spending lots of time with the family
3) My brother going to serve his mission in Chile next week
4) Finishing the Hunger Games series over the addicting

4 things I love about winter:

1) scarves... I love them and think they can add so much to a simple outfit
2) caramel apple cider...either home-made or from Starbucks
3) staying inside and keeping warm and reading a good book
4) Christmas and everything that goes along with it....movies, food, candles, decor

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  1. haha is it weird if i say i have a huge girl crush on you? We love all the same things!!! We should definitely hang out more... just sayin :D