Monday, January 17, 2011

He's a Keeper

I'm taking a moment to brag about my wonderful husband that I definitely DO NOT deserve. He treats me like a queen even when I'm the most difficult person to handle. Today after making dinner I watched the Bachelor and told Jesse to leave all the dishes in the sink and I would do them tomorrow since I have a lot of time on my hands not being employed. After zoning out for a while I realized the sink was on and yelled to him that I said I would do them tomorrow. I got up to go help and he said, "sit down and relax I'm going to do them for you". What a winner....I know! Not to mention that about every other night he runs a bubble bath for me so I can read and relax in it, and some nights he brings me home cherry coke (my favorite) so I can have it while I take my bath, and most nights he plays with my hair until I fall asleep. He is a saint and trust me I know how good I have it. I am very grateful he is my husband.
Oh and some of you might be thinking this behavior won't last. It's just because we are newlyweds, but let me tell you from years of dating this man and almost a year of being married to him....that's just his character and he is the greatest example of ultimate love and service. I am lucky to have a husband that will treat me this same way 80 years down the road.

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