Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Favorite Time of Day

Since being back from the break Jesse and I have fallen back into a routine, which is the best thing for me. Every evening when he gets home from class and I'm done job searching and cleaning the apartment. We go into the kitchen and cook together. I love this time. Some days he cooks for me and other days I cook for him, but most days we split the work and both cook together. We both enjoy cooking so it's a time to wind down together and talk about our day.

Later I run a hot bubble bath and soak for a bit while I read this little gem of a series.
The evenings are my favorite time of day and in my future home I hope to have a bath tub big enough so I can actually lay all the way down in it without having to contort my body to stay warm. This may not sound like a nice relaxing bath time but I've gotten used to scrunching in our ghetto bath that is fit for a four year old...and to tell you the truth this is my perfect "me time". I have learned to appreciate and even love the simplicity of being young and married and poor, just getting by day by day and having a small space to call our own.

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