Monday, March 7, 2011

Mustache March and a New Addition to Our Family

Jesse has been growing his mustache out for March and it has even gotten him free food. On Mondays at a burger joint called Sammy's they offer free grilled cheese sandwiches for people who come in with real mustaches. Below are pictures of Jesse's mustache in the creepy stage where it hasn't quite grown in yet. The mustache is reminiscent of both our fathers' mustaches back in the day. This weekend we went and got free cones at McDonald's and then went bowling with friends. Saturday I went shopping at Gateway while Jesse worked and then he met up with me in Salt Lake. We bought an entertainment center and with Jesse's tax return money he treated himself to an awesome new TV, which he so deserves and I'm benefiting from greatly. The TV is the new addition I'm speaking of... not a child. It honestly transforms our little one bedroom apartment. Saturday night we went to dinner with Jesse's aunt and had the most delicious dinner ever. We ate at Market Street Grill and it was fine dining to say the least. I ordered the lobster bisque that was heaven and melted in my mouth. All in all it was a great weekend.

He had to do the creeper smile just to top it off

Jesse was giddy the whole night whlie putting together his new baby
We all nominated Tressa to lift the TV with Jesse, who would trust me with that job?

So exited about our baby Sammy (Samsung) and the modern entertainment center


  1. Haha I love how you guys are snuggling up to your TV. Sammy is beautiful :)

  2. seriously i saw the title of your post and was thinking a baby. but CONGRATS on the tv. i bet it is divine!!!! ps i cannot wait to play in park city!!! xxo hope you are doing super