Monday, February 28, 2011

A Taste of Life as a Housewife

Well this semester I have experienced empathy for my mom, aunts, grandmothers, and any other women that have had to maintain a family and home. Day after day I clean the same things, I make the same bed, and pick up the same rooms. Most days I have to see the comical side of it and laugh it off to keep myself from crying haha. Then there are some days that I actually enjoy the mundane housewife chores....and there are some days that the chores pile up all on that same day. The laundry needs washing, the house needs cleaning, and dinner needs to be made for my husband (thank heavens I don't have to feed more mouths). Today was one of those days. I went grocery shopping bright and early, did the laundry, cleaned the house, and prepared a delicious dinner. I was sweating all day long from all the multi-tasking I was doing, but now as I finally sit down on the couch for the first time today I feel accomplished. I feel grateful for clean sheets and good meals. I know that I will have to make the bed and do the same sink full of dishes tomorrow, but right now I feel relieved that I can take a deep breath and relax.
The highlight of my day though has been reading my mom's new blog. She got the first letter from Travis and he is loving Chile, which comforts me. Not to mention he is living here:
Tome, Chile
He lives in the Chilean projects, but has this view of the ocean everyday. I'm sure this city will hold wonderful experiences for him and I can't wait to here more about this beautiful country.

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