Monday, March 14, 2011

Stranded in Vegas...not my cup of tea

Well this weekend began with my worst nightmare and then simmered down and turned out to have really confirmed the fact that counting your blessings always makes bad situations seem not as terrible. We experienced everything terrible you expect from Vegas:

1. heat....check
2. crowds.....yep
3. smoky bet
4. a cracked radiator....unfortunately

Oh ya! That's right I said a cracked radiator. When we arrived in Vegas our car got extremely hot and it turned out to be a cracked radiator. To top it off the car wouldn't be fixed until Monday afternoon so we were stranded in Vegas. We stayed in a ghetto hotel that night and to top it off the spa was closed and the thought that I could soak in the spa at the hotel was the only thing keeping me calm through this nightmare.

Despite the pit to our weekend. My wonderful husband helped me to see the tender mercies through the weekend. Tender mercies:

1. having my husband with me
2. my wonderful uncle knowing a mechanic in the area and lending us his company car to get around for the weekend (amazing I know)...Thanks Uncle Bob!
3. Jesse's companion let us stay at his house all weekend and fed and entertained us....we got to catch up with his companion and meet his family
4. We got to eat at our favorite sandwich place, Capriotti's
5. We got to visit the Las Vegas temple, which I didn't know existed
6. We got to see Jesse's family in Vegas because they came up to go to the basketball finals with Jess
7. I got to walk the strip with Jesse one day and his mom another and see the beautiful hotels
8. I got to see some really interesting people on the strip...that's putting it lightly
9. Our car made it to Vegas before breaking could have happened half way and that would have been way worse
10. We made it home Monday evening just in time to watch the Bachelor finale with friends
11. The car ran perfectly the whole way home
12. It was a fun road trip with my hubby

The road trip looked like this the whole way

Sharing our 20" sandwich at Capriotti's (yes we finished it and yes Jesse ate most of it)
My grandpa's favorite restaurant in Dad introduced us to it
The lions at the MGM hotel

The gold man and his gold stuffed-animal dog. They were frozen until you put money in their jar then he would yell and dance around.
The Michael Jackson impersonator that was so fun to watch, but he creeped Jesse out

Las Vegas Temple

All in all I still don't want to spend anymore future weekends or vacations in Vegas but the tender mercies definitely came two-fold when the trials came our way. I love having a husband that can handle hard situations and help me to grow from them. I love that my Savior let's me know that he knows me well and knows what I need and how to cheer me up when I'm in a really hard situation. I'm truly blessed!

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