Monday, March 14, 2011

Bachelor Finale

Here's a little tip you might not know about me. I have watched every season of the bachelor since it has been on except one, which doesn't count because it was the first one. I live for this show and I love how entertaining it is. I always look forward to Monday nights when it is on. This season I have been watching it with Kira and Tressa. Every Monday we meet at my apartment and analyze Brad's every move. The finale was tonight and he picked the girl we have liked from the beginning. We screamed and cried and absolutely lost it when Brad picked Emily. It was the best moment I've seen on TV and I want to replay it over and over again. We were so happy we couldn't contain ourselves. We've loved Brad this season and he is a southern version of my brother, Travis.
I talked about tender mercies in my last post and another tender mercy from the weekend is that when Kira and Tressa showed up for the finale they brought Jesse and I sodas and our favorite candies. I love having great friends that I can surround myself with.

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  1. haha i watched it with Justin. NOT FUN! he was just making fun of it the whole time...why don't we live in the same city?! seriously. i miss you!!