Thursday, March 17, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

Isn't that the saying? Well let me tell is pouring tears at our apartment today and almost flooding it. Who is crying you ask....ME! I rarely cry, but yesterday I lost it. I sobbed like I haven't since I was probably a can't catch your breath, heaving sobs. We got back from being stranded in Vegas and paying $400 to have a brand-new radiator put in our car on Monday. On Tuesday I jumped in the Jetta to go have a nice night in the spa with Kira. I went to put the key in the ignition and it would even slightly go in. I had my home teacher try it and Jesse. The next day I had to have it towed, which made me cringed because since the car wouldn't start they couldn't put it into neutral to roll up the bed of the truck, so they had to drag it through the parking lot onto the truck. We towed it to the dealership and yes as luck would have it another $400 to fix the ignition cylinder. This bad luck streak we have going here is starting to become laughable. Lately I have appreciated the action of removing myself from stressful situations like this. So after I found out how much the Jetta would cost I soaked in a hot bath and read a good book. The blessing in all of this is that the TV we splurged on plus the two car fixing payments all equal the exact amount we got in a tax return this year. AMAZING! YEs it is disappointing that we could put that money into savings, but I think the Lord helped us out in postponing these expenses to when we had the extra money. I mean at least we aren't dipping into our savings account for school yet. There is always a silver lining in a storm. Oh and as I was chatting with the tow-truck-man on the way to the dealership he made a comment that put everything into perspective. He said, "at least our Earth ain't shaking over here." Japan has been hit hard and I'd rather give all the money I have to fix our cars than to loose my family, friends, home, town, business, or valuables. It could always be worse. So at least our Earth ain't shaking over here.

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  1. Oh gosh what a nightmare in your car world! Thankfully everything does work out, and you always have enough money for what you need. I love to read a good book in a hot bath too, it's the perfect fix :)