Monday, April 18, 2011

Extended Vacation part 1

I have been at home for a couple of weeks now just soaking up time with my family while Jesse is at school finishing up and taking finals. There has been a lot going on since I've been home. We have had a lot of quality family time playing games, dancing to dance central, lounging at the beach, shopping in LA, watching movies, attending a wedding, and having lots of family dinners. I'm so grateful Jesse let me slip away to have a wonderful vacation before I have to get back up to Provo and get a full time job to provide for us while he finishes school. This vacation has definitely left me feeling rejuvinated.
At Red Robin for lunch with the cousins
Dance competitions for family night

Using our new dance moves
Best day at the beach in years
Me and Loll shopped til we dropped in LA
Me, Aunt Sue, Haley
Watching the new Harry Potter on the projector at the Arenas'
Off to Megan's wedding on the beach
Me and baby Mason

Me and Grams

Lunch at the Charthouse in Dana Point

Grams and baby Jaylon

Cousin picture
PJ and Devin

Cole, PJ, and Cam thought they were high rollers with their cherly temples

mom and dad
the boy counsins minus a few
Jesse gets here this week and we'll get to bask in the warm weather and family time together just like it should be. I'm crossing my fingers that he aces his finals. We will spend Easter here and then a long roadtrip back to Provo back to the routine of school and work. I'll also be crossing my fingers it'll be warm when we get back.

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  1. oh my goodness brittney! I seriously wish we could play dance central together! I can only imagine the crazy dance moves you are bustin out! I miss you soo much!!!!!!